A tongue or a lip can be released using a laser in as little as 5 to 10 minutes, and in most cases utilizing only topical anesthesia. This allows the infant to breastfeed immediately following the procedure. There is little or no bleeding and minimal discomfort following the procedure.

When laser surgery is completed using proper safety protocol (such as laser safety glasses on everyone in the surgical area; doctor,infant, parents,surgical team) it is safe, quick, effective, and void of any known complications.

There are no known contraindications to tongue or lip-tie laser surgery in a healthy infant, and since no medications are used (except for topical anesthetic), only laser light energy, there is no chance of any allergic or drug reaction.

Infants are not required to be without nourishment for hours prior to or after surgery, although it is requested that infants do not nurse for at least 90 minutes prior to surgery, since as soon a surgery is completed, the infant is returned to the mother to nurse and a hungry infant is more likely to go to the breast quickly.

To ensure the infant’s safety, the baby is secured in a special blanket for stability. although the procedure is not particularly difficult to perform, it does require a high degree of precision. Thus the baby must be held very still. The presence of at least one parent is suggested to help stabilize the baby’s head, and to offer reassurance to the child during the procedure. Although there is very little discomfort involved (due to the effectiveness of a specially formulated topical anesthetic), it is normal and expected for the infant to cry during the procedure.

Afterward, the mother and infant are placed in a private area for immediate nursing. This not only helps evaluate the degree of success, but also soothes the fussy baby.